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26/09/2018 | News

International Floriculture Forum 2018 (6 Nov 2018): Keynote speakers announced!

27/04/2018 | News

Union Fleurs elects Richard Fox (Kenya) as President and a new Board of Directors during its 2018 General Meeting in San Remo, Italy

12/01/2018 | News

“Say it with flowers”: Strengthening relations with EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan

06/11/2017 | News

The new Union Fleurs Key Notes is out!

15/10/2017 | News

“Flowers of Colombia”: a new brand to promote Colombian flowers abroad

29/09/2017 | News

VGB to reinforce its focus on sustainability, employment and promotion

27/09/2017 | News

Trade Facilitation & Coordinated Border Management:

11/09/2017 | News

Union Fleurs 2017 General Assembly in Poland: Blooming opportunities & a stimulating outlook for the future

18/11/2016 | News

How Union Fleurs and Kenya flower Council helped save the Kenyan flower industry from a disaster

14/11/2016 | News

Union Fleurs president Herman de Boon invited to the South African symposium on the flower sector

01/07/2016 | News

BREXIT: unsettling perspectives for floriculture businesses in the EU and worldwide

29/01/2016 | News

Union Fleurs Vice-President Richard Fox re-elected for a new term on the FSI board

15/01/2016 | News

Looking back at an eventful November 2015:

17/12/2015 | News

Union Fleurs President Herman de Boon speaks at CIOPORA Conference on the “Future of Patents & Plant Breeders’ Rights in Horticulture” (December 2015)

20/11/2015 | News

Union Fleurs Secretary General Sylvie Mamias invited to speak at the IPPC Global Symposium on ePhyto in Incheon, South Korea (November 2015)

26/10/2015 | News

Union Fleurs all set for its 2015 Autumn Meeting from 6 to 9 November 2015 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

22/10/2015 | News

Seminar on the new EU Promotion Policy for agri-food products co-organised by Union Fleurs and Agri- food chain partners on 22 October 2015 in Brussels

20/10/2015 | News

New-look Union Fleurs monthly reports on phytosanitary interceptions at the EU borders

12/10/2015 | News

Union Fleurs takes part in the Steering Committee of the FSI/ VGB project aiming to measure the sustainability performance of the flower sector

02/10/2015 | News

Union Fleurs EU members attend the annual dialogue group with the European Commission on 2 October 2015 in Brussels

08/06/2015 | News

IFTEX 2015 lives up to expectations

01/06/2015 | News

The Union Fleurs 2014 Activity report is now available

18/05/2015 | News

Showing appreciation with Kenyan flowers: Union Fleurs and Kenya Flower Council offer roses to EU Commission and Parliament

04/05/2015 | News

Union Fleurs attends CIOPORA General Assembly in Hamburg (28-29 April 2015)

01/05/2015 | News

Union Fleurs welcomes new members from Ethiopia and France

20/04/2015 | News

Union Fleurs members gathered in April in the South of France for a productive General Assembly 2015

23/03/2015 | News

Union Fleurs participates in AIPH Spring Meeting in Paris

19/03/2015 | News

Union Fleurs General Assembly 2015: 16 to 19 April in South of France

02/02/2015 | News

Sylvie Mamias invited to speak at the Kenya Horticulture Competitiveness Conference

05/01/2015 | News

Union Fleurs lobbying case: restoring duty-free access for imports of Kenyan flowers into the EU market

24/12/2014 | News

Happy Holiday Season from Union Fleurs!

18/12/2014 | News

PRESS RELEASE: Kenya set to return before end of 2014 to duty-free status for its flower exports to the EU

15/12/2014 | News

Looking back at the Union Fleurs Autumn Meeting 2014 in London: a stimulating event !

08/12/2014 | News

Union Fleurs participation in IFTF 2014 and in FSI Members Meeting on 6 November 2014

24/11/2014 | News

Union Fleurs and AIPH release International Statistics – Flowers and Plants 2014

10/11/2014 | News

The Union Fleurs 2013 Report on EUROPHYT Interceptions is out and available to members

10/11/2014 | News

The Kenya Embassy in the Netherlands and the Kenya Flower Council honour Union Fleurs former President and Secretary General during IFTF in November 2014

27/10/2014 | News

Supporting our Members: A view from the VGB

19/10/2014 | News

Sylvie Mamias interviewed by the “Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij” on Kenya Duties

06/10/2014 | News

Union Fleurs President invited as guest speaker at the Florint Congress in Brussels

29/09/2014 | News

Union Fleurs contributes to the Russian edition of Floraculture International

09/08/2014 | News

IFTEX Nairobi in June 2014: Union Fleurs participates with great success

14/07/2014 | News

Union Fleurs article on the "challenges of globalization for the floriculture industry" featured in the CIOPORA Chronicle 2014

20/05/2014 | News

Herman de Boon elected Union Fleurs President with a new Board of Directors for the period 2014-2016

16/05/2014 | News

Two new members join Union Fleurs

30/04/2014 | News

Union Fleurs welcomes the final position of the European Parliament on EU plant health reform adopted on 15 April

28/04/2014 | News

Union Fleurs members appoint outgoing President Lennart Lovén as Honorary President

20/04/2014 | News

A fruitful 2014 General Assembly

15/04/2014 | News

Union Fleurs Annual Report 2013 released !

14/03/2014 | News

Looking back at Valentine’s Day 2014

22/01/2014 | News

Kick-off Meeting of the Union Fleurs Pot plant network (Lochristi, 5-6 December 2013)

17/01/2014 | News

2013 Statistical Yearbook: note for Apple users

18/11/2013 | News

Union Fleurs held a successful 2013 Autumn Meeting in Bogotá,Colombia

17/11/2013 | News

Rewarding Union Fleurs participation in Proflora 2013

16/11/2013 | News

Annual meeting of the EU Advisory group Flowers & Plants : Frank Zeiler (BGI) elected Vice-President on behalf of Union Fleurs

15/11/2013 | News

Union Fleurs takes part in the first meeting of the newly set-up GLOBALG.A.P Flowers and Ornamentals Stakeholders Committee (11 October 2013, Cologne)

14/11/2013 | News

The 2013 Statistical Yearbook is out!

13/11/2013 | News

Union Fleurs actively present at IFTF 2013

12/11/2013 | News

Union Fleurs invited to the 2013 edition of ISMC in Amsterdam

19/09/2013 | News

Union Fleurs Autumn meeting 2013 in Bogota, Colombia (28 September -1 October)

19/09/2013 | News

Union Fleurs booth at Proflora (N°304/ South Pavilion)

19/09/2013 | News

Union Fleurs took part in the BGI Association day in Hamburg (14 September 2013)

19/09/2013 | News

Union Fleurs new communication tool: In Bloom

19/09/2013 | News

Union Fleurs booth at IFTF (A5.04)

19/09/2013 | News

Union Fleurs – FloraCulture International partnership and New FloraCulture International website

18/07/2013 | News

Fruitful General Assembly 2013 in Antalya, Turkey

18/07/2013 | News

Union Fleurs welcomes two new members from FRANCE and SOUTH AFRICA

18/07/2013 | News

Successful participation of Union Fleurs at IFTEX Nairobi

17/07/2013 | News

Union Fleurs speaks at a High-Level conference in Brussels on the new EU Plant health law

16/07/2013 | News

The 2012 edition of the AIPH – Union Fleurs Statistical yearbook is now available!

15/07/2013 | News

Union Fleurs Annual report 2012 released !

14/07/2013 | News

Latest publication of the Union Fleurs Europhyt interceptions report 2011 & 2012

13/07/2013 | News

FSI now officially hosted by Union Fleurs in the Brussels office

24/01/2013 | News

The FSI officially launched at IPM Essen

28/12/2012 | News

Union Fleurs wishes you a year 2013 full of colours, joy and inspiration !

19/12/2012 | News

Visit Union Fleurs (Hall 1 - D11) at IPM Essen 2013!

12/10/2012 | News

Registration now open for the Union Fleurs Winter Meeting in Brussels !

09/10/2012 | News

Visit the Union Fleurs booth (A1.31) at IFTF!

18/05/2012 | News

18 May is 'Fascination of Plants Day'!

09/05/2012 | News

Floriculture sector joins forces towards mainstream sustainability

03/05/2012 | News

Union Fleurs General Assembly 2012

02/05/2012 | News

Union Fleurs welcomes 3 new members!

16/02/2012 | News

Asocolflores presents Sylvie Mamias and Lennart Loven with award at IPM Essen

01/02/2012 | News

Union Fleurs and Florint on track to strengthen cooperation

20/01/2012 | News

Visit Union Fleurs at IPM Essen!

07/12/2011 | News

Union Fleurs is moving office!

28/10/2011 | News

Union Fleurs President elected chairman of the EU Advisory Group on Flowers and Ornamental Plants

28/10/2011 | News

Union Fleurs General Assembly 2011 a great success!

28/10/2011 | News

The Union Fleurs Annual report 2011 is now available

04/10/2011 | News

Visit Union Fleurs at IFTF, Holland!

28/09/2011 | News

Visit Union Fleurs at Proflora 2011!

29/07/2011 | News

Union Fleurs General Assembly: 6-9 October 2011, Valencia, Spain

03/06/2011 | News

Union Fleurs holds fruitful Spring Meeting in Copenhagen ( May 2011)

14/05/2011 | News

Union Fleurs launches new website

06/05/2011 | News

Japan Flower Trade Association joins Union Fleurs

14/03/2011 | News

AFIF (USA) joins Union Fleurs
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