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“Say it with flowers”: Strengthening relations with EU Agriculture Commissioner Hogan

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VBN representatives Eveline Herben and Henk van Ginkel and Union Fleurs Secretary General Sylvie Mamias had this week the opportunity to meet with Phil Hogan, the EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. They presented Mr Hogan with a flower bouquet on the occasion of the New Year and exchanged views with him on the main characteristics and ongoing priorities for the floriculture sector EU-wide.


The importance of the sector in terms of employment and economic turnover, as well as the contribution of floriculture products to healthy lifestyles and well-being, were particularly highlighted by the three representatives. The discussion concluded on the shared view that a greater level of attention from EU decision-makers to the specificities and potentials offered by the sector is needed. 




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Henk van Ginkel and Eveline Herben

VBN – Association of Dutch  Flower Auctions




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Union Fleurs Secretary General


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