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Union Fleurs 2017 General Assembly in Poland: Blooming opportunities & a stimulating outlook for the future

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The General Assembly of Union Fleurs, the International Flower Trade Association, was organised this year in partnership with Flower Expo Poland in Warsaw, Poland from 31 August to 3 September 2017. Members travelled from 11 countries as far as Turkey and Kenya to share perspectives and insights on the current developments in the floriculture value-chain. Overall, participants were impressed with the blooming business opportunities offered by the Polish market and the positive energy displayed at every corner of the joint fairgrounds of Flower Expo Poland and Green is Life.


During the Union Fleurs General Assembly meeting on 2 September, members were joined by three knowledgeable stakeholders active in  the Polish flower & plant sector: Mr Martijn Homan, Agricultural Counsellor at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland, Mr. Kees van Rijn, CEO of Polish-based Dutch wholesale company Bart Kwiaty and Ms. Anna Małcużyńska, director of PR agency Sigma International Poland, presented a very positive outlook on the future of the Polish market with solid growth perspectives in the coming years. They exchanged views with the participants on the Polish market’s specificities, focusing on consumption & distribution patterns.


The meeting also offered stimulating views and perspectives on the global challenges and market changes currently faced by the flowers & plants value-chain, particularly traders and wholesalers. The membership agreed that those pre-competitive challenges, including the Brexit process, market access issues and phytosanitary risks, require strategic and coordinated efforts through reinforced lobbying activities by Union Fleurs in Brussels and at international level, for the ultimate benefit of the global flower industry. Additionally, members supported ongoing initiatives to strengthen Union Fleurs activities in the pot plant segment and took on board the need to cooperate more actively among member countries to sustain and encourage global consumption of flowers & plants via generic promotion campaigns, in particular towards the younger generations.


During the closing dinner of the General Assembly, Union Fleurs members gave a special acknowledgment to Einar Lilland, who has been representing the Norwegian Wholesalers association Blomstergrossistenes Landsforbund in Union Fleurs meetings since 1999. A committed member over the years, Einar was attending his last meeting in Warsaw and was thanked by all for his long-standing involvement with Union Fleurs.


Union Fleurs would like to express its warmest thanks to the organisers of Flower Expo Poland & Green is Life and to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland, who have been of invaluable support to organise the General Assembly this year. We wish them all a continued success in further promoting blooming opportunities for flowers & plants in Poland!

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