Union fleurs - International Flower Trade Association


Union fleurs - International Flower Trade Association

Union Fleurs activities are guided by five Key priorities.

The promotion of Sustainable practices & Quality enhancement along the value chain is one of them, which is why Union Fleurs has been giving increasing attention and support to the industry’s efforts towards a more sustainable sector.


Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI)

Union Fleurs has been involved from the very start of the initiative and is strongly committed to the mission and ambition of FSI. As a founding member, Union Fleurs has participated in the initial Working groups on the Equivalency Tool and Governance in 2011-2012. Since 2013, Richard Fox, Union Fleurs Vice-President, sits as representative of the Trade in the FSI Board of Directors.


Union Fleurs is also closely related to the operational running of FSI as the FSI secretariat is hosted in its office premises in Brussels.


More on FSI

FSI is a pre-competitive, multi-stakeholder initiative that unites sector frontrunners in the Supply Chain. The 35+ members of FSI share the ambition to source 90% of flowers and plants from responsible sources by 2020.

To this purpose, they are active on three work streams:


  • Measuring Volumes:
    To achieve the FSI ambition, Members are committed to use the FSI Equivalency Tool, Basket of Standards and the measuring to stimulate and increase traded volumes from responsible sources of production towards 90%. FSI members report on their aggregate volume of sustainably produced and traded flowers and plants.
  • Benchmarking Standards:
    The FSI Basket of Standards is used as verified and independent reference for responsible sourcing. It acknowledges the great variety of standards and certifications in the floriculture sector contributing to higher levels of sustainability, while avoiding duplication of certification, confusion for market players and increased costs. Floriculture standards in the FSI Basket are successfully benchmarked against international basic requirements and legislation.

    There are 14 Voluntary Sustainable Standards and Schemes in the FSI Basket. They are fully transparent, comparable and by means of independent benchmarking, complying with social and/or environmental basic requirements.
  • Improving Practices
    FSI members are driving improvements on key sustainability topics through the implementation of field and research projects. Projects are co-funded by IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative. Results are shared and used within the network to strengthen practices and ensure progress towards the FSI shared ambition.
    At the same time FSI members are committed to address current and future issues on a sector level by joining forces in specific working groups: Pest & Disease Control; Living Wage; Gender.


Definition of Sustainability

From a trader’s perspective, a sustainable product is one that comes from a sustainable source: ‘Flowers and Plants originating from sources compliant with environmental and/or social criteria as set out by the standards accepted in the FSI Basket of Standards.’


Visit www.fsi2020.com
for more information and resources about FSI!

Or download the Union Fleurs - FSI member factsheet
to learn more about the cooperation.

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