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Union fleurs - International Flower Trade Association
  • One of the great assets that Union Fleurs has is the international networking platform that it offers to its members, who can meet and exchange views & expertise with representatives of the other Union Fleurs member organizations on a regular basis. 
  • Union Fleurs members are invited to participate in two Union Fleurs meetings per year, one in Spring and one in the Autumn, usually hosted by one of the member organisations.

During these meetings, the Board, secretariat and Committee Chairmen report to the members on the activities carried out by Union Fleurs in the course of the year -  lobbying activities, information, ongoing issues, etc. Any issue of importance to the floricultural trade can be discussed among the members.


Members are invited to bring up any issue affecting trade from or to their country, in order to identify priorities for action and guide the activities of Union Fleurs in the field of lobbying, promotion and sectoral representation.


The meetings are also a great opportunity to network and meet relevant players from all the major floricultural countries. Professional visits are usually organized to show the floricultural business in the country hosting the meeting.


  • Union Fleurs has also recently initiated the organisation of networking dinners on the occasion of major floricultural trade shows in order to enhance contacts and promote the regular exchanges of views within the membership outside the two Union Fleurs meetings. This initiative has proved a great success so far.
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